Fabric Painting with Cindy Walter
2011 C&T Publishing

This book teaches a complete overview of using fabric paints. Includes step-by-step directions of 11 techniques from a watercolor wash to a direct painted Miniature Quilt. A wonderful book for beginning quilters and anyone interested in adding color to their quilts.  http://www.Ctpub.com

Water liles by Cindy Walter
Wholecloth painted

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Honolulu, Hawaii 96813


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Spring 2014

If you haven't signed up for the Quilting Cruise around Tahiti May 1st,  go to
www.QuiltCruises.com right away. This cruise is on a intimate luxury ship. Get to know the Tahitians and their Tifaifai quilts, eat fantastic food without having to do dishes, and maybe my favorite ... spend time with fellow quilters.

If you are in the Midwest come to the new (actually old) Spring Quilt Festival in Chicago/Rosemont. Quilts Inc. restarted the old Quilt Festival in Chicago with classes. I can't wait, it is a perfect location with great classrooms. In mid June, go to
www.quilts.com for information, or http://www.quilts.com/home/shows/viewer.php?page=SummerFestivalChicago  Hope to see you there.

I have an exciting new quilting adventure in the works. I'm teaching for Craftsy. It is a cool Internet workshop platform. They have classes for a lot of topics, such as cake decorating, but I'm partial to their great quilting classes. I'll be going to their studios in April to tape my first workshop, very excited. So, check them out - www.craftsy.com. 

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Aloha, Cindy 

At home with husband,
Michael A. Lilly

    Cindy Walter        
Author, Quilt Teacher, TV host
I was born in Iowa into a family of quilters. Quilting has been my passion and career for more than two decades.

Author of 10 books, I also designed a fabric line, patterns, written for several magazines and have developed several products including Cindy Walter's Stabilized Cotton on which to paint.

I was the co-host for PBS's Quilt Central TV for 5 years, and also hosted for QuiltersTV.

I love Bernina - www.Berninausa.com

I love Bohin needles - www.bohin.com

Teaching quilting and meeting students is the highlight of my career. I teach a large variety of quilting classes which a summary of is listed on the following page with the books. Contact me to teach for your store, guild or show. I'd love to visit you.

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